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Tulip Business Developers is a Dubai-based business development company, which is built under the founder’s dynamic leadership and spirit of entrepreneurship.

With the commitment of its highly experienced team, Tulip Business Developers is forging ahead to bring about the highest quality into their diverse set of high-end projects.


To enhance business developments through quality, trust, and insightful solutions that deliver beyond expectations and create unprecedented client satisfaction.


Integrity: Maintaining high professional and ethical standards in all business activities thereby consistently gaining the trust and confidence of our clients.

Passion: Working with enthusiasm and giving extra effort to bring the highest quality into our projects.

Exceeding expectations: Constantly invigorating business processes to improve results and deliver beyond set objectives.




Mr. Sangi has over 40 years of development and investment experience across an array of industries including real estate, venture capital, and trade. Mr. Sangi founded Tulip Business Developers in 2002 after eyeing the investment opportunities available in the United Arab Emirates. 

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